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Are you feeling stressed out and willing to enjoy a public holiday 2024 NZ with your family and friends? Then, we have good news for you that we have several public holidays coming up this year 2024. And more the list of public holidays is more concentrated on public holidays hosted in New Zealand.

A calendar serves as a guide to all the holidays that are listed publically in New Zealand which help in planning out an adventurous trip, event, or perfect day off in a smooth manner. Keeping aside your busy schedule, you get a few days every year to plan travels that coincide with tours

A list of NZ Public Holidays in 2025

planning out an adventurous trip, event, or perfect day off

What is a public holiday?

Browsing further you are going to discover a list of NZ public holiday 2024 that comprises all type of major holiday that is considered local or national holidays. On this day several event takes place all across the nation just by keeping in mind the actual population of New Zealand on the same contour. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is the majority of the shop that is considered to be running remains closed on public holiday. People on average discover that in the Kiwi country accommodation and traveling are visible in greater ratio putting both the market at higher demand on holidays.

NZ Public Holiday 2024 Dates

NZ Public Holidays Dates
NZ Public Holidays 2024 Dates – New Year’s Day, Waitangi Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, King’s Birthday, Matariki, Labour Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day
HolidayActual dateObserved date
New Year’s Day1 JanuaryMonday 1 January
Day after New Year’s Day2 JanuaryTuesday 2 January
Waitangi Day6 FebruaryTuesday 6 February
Good FridayVariesFriday 29 March
Easter MondayVariesMonday 1 April
ANZAC Day25 AprilThursday 25 April
King’s Birthday1st Monday in JuneMonday 3 June
MatarikiVariesFriday 28 June
Labour Day4th Monday in OctoberMonday 28 October
Christmas Day25 DecemberWednesday 25 December
Boxing Day26 DecemberThursday 26 December

Anniversary Dates 2024

ProvinceActual dateObserved date
Auckland29 JanuaryMonday 29 January
Taranaki31 MarchMonday 11 March
Hawke’s Bay1 NovemberFriday 25 October
Wellington22 JanuaryMonday 22 January
Marlborough1 NovemberMonday 4 November
Nelson1 FebruaryMonday 29 January
Canterbury16 DecemberFriday 15 November
Canterbury (South)16 DecemberMonday 23 September
Westland1 DecemberMonday 2 December
Otago23 MarchMonday 25 March
Southland17 JanuaryTuesday 2 April
Chatham Islands30 NovemberMonday 2 December

Why are public holidays important for professionals?

This is the platform where you can get every year’s public holiday list. Just you need to click on the year link 2023, 2025, 2026 etc and the page gets browsed in front of you.

Some Public holiday renders officially off if they fall on any of the weekdays then and it is followed by an extra holiday on the consecutive day. But if the holiday falls on a weekend day then the off is continued on consecutive days to New Zealand.

This plan is executed with the only intention to provide the people ample time to go on vacation without missing out on a day off.

Bank holiday comes in added holidays including Waitangi and ANZAC days. Let’s assume, a holiday falls on Sunday, then it is continued on Monday as another holiday date similar to Boxing Day, and Tuesday opts as Christmas Day.

Don’t you find it a bit confusing in some cases, to provide you with the actual information click on the link below and get exact days to plan out vacations with the use of NZ public holiday 2024.

It is always advisable to check out the public holiday events in advance to ensure your travel or event is on exact dates. The venue of the event can help you out in making the date change and get it fixed on the actual date of national or bank holidays. And with this strategy, you are not going to arrive early or a day late to the venue.

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Do public holidays prove exciting for parents?

Dont give up!

Holiday lists have always been a major part of students and their parent’s life. Thanks to the school holidays they excite and thrill students to the highest level.

Every year, Easter stats days that come along with Good Friday and Easter Monday as well as Anzac Day makes kids feel roll coaster with their feeling and imagination.

This is really good news for those who get joyful at the thought of double-swerving long weekends.

This holiday list is a great gift for parents whose kids regularly go to school.

This is because they get relaxed from the early morning hustle and bustle. So they need to have a clear glance at the upcoming holidays.

You may get quite familiar with the Anzac Day falling on weekends which eventually got followed on Monday for the last two years. Hence it is known as “Mondayised” because it eventually falls on weekends. Since the last two years, public holidays passed over and have contributed to longer holidays. 

Public holidays for 2024 in New Zealand:

The countdown alredy starte

New Year –

In the year 2024, this day is going to be celebrated on Monday which is dated 1st January 2024. This is the day that marks the beginning of a new year and even serves as the best day to take the resolution of an entire year. This is the event that begins on 31st December night by partying out in an event. This event’s charm is enhanced by the dazzling light of the crackers in the sky and the grand mascara party.

Day after New years

This is the day celebrated on the following day of the New Year. This day will fall on 2nd January, Tuesday. If New Year is falling on a weekend or a consecutive Monday then the consecutive day is considered is termed as the day after New Year. This is a public holiday and all businesses remain closed on this day. Since there is no work, so most New Zealander’s use this day as a short annual vacation for traveling in the countryside or abroad or can even go for camps. But, few people like to chill out sit at the house, and relax.

Waitangi Day

On 6th February 2024 which is a Tuesday, this public holiday is going to be celebrated. This day celebrates the signing of the Waitangi treaty that took place in 1840 at the house of James Busby dwelling in Waitangi. It is a national holiday that takes place on the 6th of February of every year to celebrate the signing of the New Zealand Foundation documents. With the change implemented in the holiday act in 2014, this day was announced to be celebrated on a weekend on the following Monday there will be a holiday.

Good Friday

This day is falling on Friday, 29th March 2024, and is known as restricted trading day. It is a public holiday which entirely depends on the rule of New Zealand law that shops have to be closed or open. Generally, petrol stations, diaries, cafes, and restaurants have the order to remain open but supermarkets and departments cannot be opened anyhow. So you do not need to fall into a dilemma that what is open and what not.

Easter Monday

This is another important public holiday that is going to be celebrated on Monday, 1st April 2024. This is the day considered as the day after Jesus’ resurrection therefore it is termed unlucky and termed commonly as Black Monday. It is a day off not only in New Zealand but all across the world.   


This is an important day for the people of Australia and New Zealand and is known to follow revered national occasions. The abbreviation of ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. In 2024, this day is counted as Thursday, 25th April 2024, and marked as the anniversary of the first major action taken by the military in favor of the country to fight back in World War I.

King Birthday

This is a public holiday celebrated in New Zealand and in 2024 it will be held on Monday, 3rd June. This is the day associated with New Zealand and its other associated territories. It is observed on the first Monday of June month every month.  This is the monarch’s birthday but not the real one. Till 2023 it was celebrated as Queen’s birthday but now it has changed again to King’s birthday with the regain of King Charles on the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.  

Labor Day

This is the day which is celebrated on the 4th Monday in October. In 2024, this day will be held on Monday, 28th October 2024. This is the day that honors the struggle of 8 hours of working days. This right was fought by carpenter Samuel Parnell in the year 1840. The first Labour Day was commended on 28th October 1890 and opted to become a statutory public holiday in 1990.

Christmas Day

It is a public holiday and offers a day off to the common people all across the world on 25th December. In 2024, this day will be celebrated on Wednesday as the Christian holiday for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day schools, colleges, and all businesses remain closed and people like to spend time with family and friends. Children are fond of Santa Claus and the appetizing food of this day. Since it is summer in New Zealand so, it is a great time to spend leisure on beaches, everyone.  

Boxing Day

This is a day celebrated in Great Britain and a few other commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. On this day generally, servants, tradespeople, and poorly traditional people are presented with gifts from their masters as the gift of Christmas boxes. But with the advent of 21 century, this day started to be recognized as the day associated with shopping and sporting events. In the year 2024, it is falling on Thursday, 26th December 2024.

To have more detailed information about the public, bank, or school holidays browse this platform and get the best collection of calendars in PDF format. This option is easy to download and access so browse today without any delay.

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