About Public and Statutory Holidays NZ

Our website on public and statutory holidays NZ is dedicated to providing the best information on all holidays in New Zealand. Here you are able to find all you need to know about NZ public holidays. Learn how you can spend your time on these holidays. Find out about the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

We’ve made all the public and statutory holidays easy to see in our unique holiday timeline. This is in chronological order. So, you can easily see where each holiday falls in relation to the other statutory holidays in NZ. There’s also another great feature on our website – the public holidays countdown timer.

The countdown time is a novel and interesting way to plan for holidays. You can see how many days, hours and even seconds are left until the commemoration of NZ Anniversary day, a NZ public holiday, or the other holidays like ANZAC day, Easter, or the Queen’s birthday.

Anniversary Days

Each province in New Zealand has its own anniversary day. This is to commemorate the landing of the first settlers to New Zealand. These are not nationwide public holidays but are only commemorated in the province.

There are 13 Anniversary days for each of the provinces.  Ten other statutory holidays hare held. These are: Christmas, New Year’s Day, ANZAC day, Easter, Waitangi Day, the Queen’s birthday and Labour day.

More about Statutory Holidays NZ

Many statutory holidays in NZ are “Mondayised” – that is they always fall on the closest Monday to the actual anniversary day. Other holidays that always fall on a Monday are Christmas and New Year. So if these days fall on the weekend, the public holiday will be on the following Monday or Tuesday.

Most businesses close during the public holidays and there are certain trading restrictions on the ‘religious’ holidays.

To find out more about each specific anniversary day in the public holidays NZ calendar, please explore our website more.