Wellington Anniversary Weekend

Wellington Anniversary Day is:

Monday 23rd January, 2017

Wellington Anniversary Weekend is from:

Friday 20th January 2017 – Monday 23rd January, 2017

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Further details about Wellington Anniversary Weekend

This is the first Anniversary day in the calendar year and is held on the last weekend in January. As with all the other NZ anniversary days, Wellington Anniversary is held on a Monday.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and, therefore, it is fitting that this is the first statutory holiday in the year. There is certainly plenty to do in this little capital.

Some of the most popular activities in summer revolves around the beaches and bays in and around Wellington. People enjoy swimming, sunbathing, picnics, and fishing.

With the nice summer weather in January, this is the perfect time to climb to the top of Mount Victoria. There you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Fans of Lord of the Rings and other films shot in NZ will enjoy the Weta Cave where there are props and other film artefacts on display.

All in all, Wellington is a must place to visit and enjoy the public holidays in NZ