Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Auckland Anniversary Day is:

Monday 30th January, 2017

Auckland Anniversary Weekend is from:

Friday 27th January 2017 – Monday 30th January, 2017

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Further details about Auckland Anniversary in New Zealand

Auckland Anniversary Day shares the same date as Nelson Anniversary Day. The only other statutory holiday day that this happens is with the Westland and Chatham Islands’ Anniversary days.

Auckland boasts a unique and spectacular landscape. This is due to the 48 volcanic cones dotted around the city. Climbing to the top of one of these offers amazing views over the region. The most famous and popular of the volcanoes is Rangitoto Island.

There is also plenty to do in the city. You can take a trip to the top of the Sky Tower and see the amazing views during the daytime or at night.

Auckland is also made up of 50 small isles and “island-hopping” trips are very popular during the public holidays in NZ. There are also plenty of water activities to enjoy.

Auckland also has a vibrant arts scene and there are many cultural attractions to enjoy.

There is certainly plenty to do in and around Auckland during the statutory holidays.