Wellington Anniversary 2025

Wellington Anniversary 2025 will be celebrated on Mon, Jan 20, 2025. It’s 3rd Monday of January 2024.

Wellington anniversary day is considered an annual celebration that is hosted for the establishment of the beautiful city of Wellington. Wellington is popular as New Zealand’s culinary capital but is acknowledged as the smallest part of the province which has been offered to the kind people having rich culture.

When is Wellington’s anniversary day going to be celebrated?

This event falls on 23rd January in the year 2023 whereas in the year 2024, wellington’s anniversary day is going to be celebrated on the 4th Monday of January month in 2024 which is dated 22nd January 2024 & wellington’s anniversary day in 2025 is on Mon, Jan 20, 2025. Before enjoying the event it is important to know more about Wellington’s anniversary day.

Wellington’s Anniversary

  • Wellington Anniversary 2024 – Mon, Jan 22, 2024
  • Wellington Anniversary 2025 – Mon, Jan 20, 2025
  • Wellington Anniversary 2026 – Thu, Jan 22, 2026
  • Wellington Anniversary 2027 – Fri, Jan 22, 2027

History of Wellington Anniversary Day:

Wellington’s anniversary day celebrates the arrival of the first European settlers to form a regional colonization region that makes today’s Wellington. In 1840, the settlers arrived aboard by fetching a space in the ship named “Aurora” and were handed over to the authority of either territory of the New Zealand government.

The first year marking the arrival is celebrated as Wellington anniversary day which is observed annually. This is marked to remember the rich culture and the voyage that executed travelers to settle down as residents there.

This day not only focuses on rich culture but even highlights the enormous transformation and milestones that have been accomplished while people were made to settle down in the city. This day is remembered as a fantastic day in history which is full of happiness and joy after being identified as an individual or group. 

Wellington anniversary 2025

Some facts related to Wellington Anniversary Day:

  • This is the city that is remembered as Nuke-free zone means a nuclear-free zone. In 1982, this city started being recognized as a nuclear-free zone because none of the nuclear-powered or armed ships are authorized to enter the borders of the city which help in declaring a peace full land.
  • This is a city popular for its artistic ambiance which offers terrific views to the visitors and to the people who are in search of tranquil and entertainment. People can find natural beauty prevailing in the park, stunning buildings, trains, ports, and lakes.
  • People even explore the executive wing of parliament which is named “the beehive” which was drawn at dinner time by architect sir basil Spence by making use of a napkin and pencil.   

What should be done on a Wellington Anniversary Day?

  • You can attempt to visit museums like Petone Settlers Museum or the Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorial. Here you can find out about the trips and the challenges that were faced while bringing about the city’s first guests to the land of Wellington on a historic day. To add fun to your life, this day can be enjoyed with family and friends.
  • If it is not possible to head up to the museum, then there is nothing to worry about. Either get a book or article that throws light on the history of New Zealand or Wellington. This will help you in going back in time as per your choice.
  • Start making use of hashtags like #Wellington and #WellingtonDay on the platforms of social media and begin to post funny photos and videos after searching on the web for the occasion to reflect and have fun and frolic at the same time.

Anniversary days in New Zealand –

Anniversary DaysDate
Auckland Anniversary DayMon, Jan 27, 2025
Buller Anniversary DayMon, Feb 03, 2025
Canterbury Anniversary DayFri, Nov 15, 2024
Chatham Islands Anniversary DayMon, Dec 02, 2024
Hawke’s Bay Anniversary DayFri, Oct 25, 2024
Manawatu Anniversary DayMon, Feb 10, 2025
Marlborough Anniversary DayMon, Nov 04, 2024
Nelson Anniversary DayMon, Feb 03, 2024
Otago Anniversary DayMon, Mar 25, 2024
South Canterbury Anniversary DayMon, Sep 23, 2024
Southland Anniversary DayTue, April 02, 2024
Taranaki Anniversary DayMon, Mar 11, 2024
Tauranga Anniversary DayWed, Jan 29, 2025
Wellington Anniversary DayMon, Jan 20, 2025
Westland Anniversary DayMon, Dec 2, 2024
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