Auckland Anniversary 2025

Mon, Jan 27, 2025 is the announced date for the celebration of Auckland’s anniversary in 2025.

This event falls every year and the closet Monday is declared as the public holiday. This event is frequently observed in the Northland but with a different name i.e. Northland Day.

How many days until Auckland anniversary 2025?


People of New Zealand not only celebrate this day as the origin of Auckland but even come up with the diverse culture of the region which eventually calls for celebration on warmer days under clear skies, carnivals, concerts, and many more things. This is a festive season in which children and adults happily participate in the celebration executed throughout the city. It is acknowledged that in 6 regions most of the businesses and schools remain closed with the only thought to enjoying the day filled with joy and excitement.

Auckland Anniversary

  • Auckland Anniversary 2024 – Mon, Jan 29, 2024
  • Auckland Anniversary 2025 – Mon, Jan 27, 2025
  • Auckland Anniversary 2026 – Thu, Jan 29, 2026
  • Auckland Anniversary 2027 – Fri, Jan 29, 2027

Background of Auckland anniversary day:

At the beginning, Auckland anniversary day was only celebrated on 29th January. But later on, the celebration got extended for three days inclusive of the long weekend. Due to this Auckland anniversary day started to be celebrated on the closets Monday.

As per belief, it has been surveyed that Auckland anniversary is celebrated on the occasion of the formation of Auckland but it’s incorrect.

Instead, this day commemorated the first sight of the north island amongst the Bay of Islands by the explorer William Hobson who was appointed as New Zealand’s first governor.

In the year 1840, Hobson landed in New Zealand and was promoted to work to persuade the opinion of Maori to agree in signing the treaty which alter the status of New Zealand. Hence, it led to the establishment of a brand new British colony. The final recorded date for the foundation of Auckland is September 18, 1840.

Finally, Hobson designated Auckland as New Zealand’s capital. This year called on for a celebration with a modest regatta of Waitemala Harbor where only three consecutive races were held. 

auckland anniversary 2025

Auckland anniversary day was considered the local celebration for the initial 10 years. Later, it got announced officially in 1850 and then onward the day started to be recognized as a public holiday across 6 major regions of New Zealand.

The celebration in passed date used to include Maori canoes, local fishing boats, whaling boats, and many more things. Additional yachts, sailboats, and seaplane races began to take place and the celebration turned out to be grand. This is the finest day that is commemorated with uniquely detailed regattas.

What does Auckland Regatta mean?

It is held on a holiday weekend and assumed as the largest single-day yachting regatta in the world. Moreover, it is even visible at the time of the foundation of Auckland in 1840 in the presence of William Hobson who is known to participate in the first regatta. Later, the American Cup regatta was held 11 years later at the foundation of Auckland.  

Which is the provisional anniversary day in New Zealand?

The holiday act initiated in the year 1981 specified the localities that observed provisional anniversary day which is used to celebrate the foundation or landing day of the first colonists hailing from various colonial provinces.

Howsoever, the actual date is not legislated because the region covered was discovered by a provisional district which was later abolished in 1876, inclusive of Southland, Chatham Islands, South Canterbury, as well as Northland.

Anniversary days in New Zealand –

Anniversary DaysDate
Auckland Anniversary DayMon, Jan 27, 2025
Buller Anniversary DayMon, Feb 03, 2025
Canterbury Anniversary DayFri, Nov 15, 2024
Chatham Islands Anniversary DayMon, Dec 02, 2024
Hawke’s Bay Anniversary DayFri, Oct 25, 2024
Manawatu Anniversary DayMon, Feb 10, 2025
Marlborough Anniversary DayMon, Nov 04, 2024
Nelson Anniversary DayMon, Feb 03, 2024
Otago Anniversary DayMon, Mar 25, 2024
South Canterbury Anniversary DayMon, Sep 23, 2024
Southland Anniversary DayTue, April 02, 2024
Taranaki Anniversary DayMon, Mar 11, 2024
Tauranga Anniversary DayWed, Jan 29, 2025
Wellington Anniversary DayMon, Jan 20, 2025
Westland Anniversary DayMon, Dec 2, 2024
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