List of NZ Public Holidays 2025

NZ Public Holidays 2025

List of New Zealand Public Holidays 2025 –

Look below list of NZ Public holidays 2025, these dates may be changed as per gov of New Zealand, so please check again in 2025 –

NZ Public Holidays 2025

New Year’s Day – Wed, Jan 1, 2025

New Zealand is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, on the 1st January. New Year’s Day celebration and the Day after the New Year are the public holidays all over the country. Often the arrival of the New Year, this day is widely celebrated with firework displays. Another New Year tradition is to formulate “resolutions” for the upcoming year.

Day after New Year’s Day – Thu, Jan 2, 2025

The Day after New Year’s Day is the statutory public holiday in the country New Zealand. Schools, government offices, banks and enormous private businesses are closed on this day. In addition to this, New Year’s Day is the middle of the school summer holidays in the New Zealand.

Wellington Anniversary Day – Wed, Jan 22, 2025

Wellington Anniversary Day isn’t celebrated all over the world on the same day. The holiday is celebrated on the Monday that is closest to January 22 and specifically honors the arrival of the first European settlers to the Wellington. This is day to honor the landing of the first European settlers that is on 22 January 1840 at what is today Wellington.

Auckland Anniversary Day – Wed, Jan 29, 2025

Auckland Anniversary Day is the regional public holiday that basically marks the anniversary of the Governor William Hobson’s announcement uniting the New Zealand as a sovereign nation under the British rule. Although the date of celebration is mainly falls on the Monday that is closest to 29th January, basically the real date can vary from year-to-year.

Nelson Anniversary Day – Mon, Feb 3, 2025

Nelson Anniversary Day is mainly celebrated every Monday that is closest to February 1 to honor the commencement of the settlement of Nelson by the New Zealand Company on the 1stFebruary, 1842. In 2025, it basically falls on February 3. The city is well-renowned for its local arts and crafts scene.

Waitangi Day – Thu, Feb 6, 2025

Waitangi Day is the national day of New Zealand that symbols the anniversary of the initial signing. It is widely celebrated on 6 February that is the Treaty of Waitangi. The day begins with the dawn service at around 5am in Te Whare Runanga that is the carved meeting house. After the dawn service, there are numerous celebrations in whole day all across the Treaty Grounds.

Taranaki Anniversary Day – Mon, Mar 10, 2025

Taranaki Anniversary Day is the public holiday in the Taranaki region of the New Zealand. This day is highly celebrated on the 2nd Monday of the March every year. This year, it is celebrated on the 10th of March 2025. Taranaki Anniversary Day honors the first settlement, at the New Plymouth, in the Taranaki Region in the year 1841. Initially, the area was known as New Plymouth Province but later was renamed Taranaki Province in the year 1859.

Otago Anniversary Day – Sun, Mar 23, 2025

Otago Anniversary Day is the public holiday that is celebrated annually on the Monday that is nearest to 23rd March in the most southerly third of the New Zealand’s South Island. It honors the settlers’ arrival in the New Zealand on 23rd March in the year 1848. There are numerous events occur around Otago, with of the most celebrations that takes place in the city of Dunedin.

Good Friday – Fri, Apr 18, 2025

Only Good Friday and Easter Monday are the public holidays in New Zealand. Easter Sunday is not the public holiday, as well shops can choose to open them if their local council allows them. Good Friday is a Christian holiday that honoring the crucifixion of Jesus and also his death at Calvary.

Easter Monday – Mon, Apr 21, 2025

Easter in New Zealand comes around in the autumn season like all the other countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Easter celebration in New Zealand is similar to those that similarly take place all around the world. There is a tradition to host typically springtime activities such as Easter egg hunts. Easter basically consists of a four-day weekend therefore it is a great time to take short trips away.

Southland Anniversary Day – Tue, Apr 22, 2025

Southland Anniversary is the public holiday in the New Zealand’s Southland Region. It is majorly celebrated every Tuesday after Easter. This year, it takes place on 22nd April. The date was basically chosen to create a five-day weekend and close to the official formation of the Province of Southland.

Anzac Day – Fri, Apr 25, 2025

ANZAC basically stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The brave soldiers in those forces became a well-known as ANZACs. The Anzac Day is a memorial for the anniversary of the landing of Australian as well New Zealand troops at the Gallipoli city of Turkey on 25 April in the year 1915.

King’s Birthday – Sat, Jun 14, 2025

The King’s Birthday is the public holiday that is celebrated each and every year in New Zealand on the first Monday in the month of June. The King Charles III was born on 14th November 1948. The 2025 King’s birthday holiday is on Saturday 14th June.

Matariki – Fri, Jun 20, 2025

Matariki is an extraordinary occasion as per the New Zealand calendar that denotes the beginning of the Māori New Year. Indicated by the Matariki bunch of stars reappearing in our night sky, this is the best time to replicate on the past year and celebrates the present as well as plan for the year ahead.

South Canterbury Anniversary Day – Mon, Sep 22, 2025

South Canterbury Anniversary Day is the public holiday that occurs on the fourth Monday of September. The original provinces of the New Zealand that existed from the year 1853 till 1876 have been long eliminated. This year, it takes place on September 22. It originates from the arrival of the ‘First Four Ships’ as a group of sailing vessels that is carrying settlers from England to New Zealand.

Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day – Fri, Oct 24, 2025

Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day is celebrated as the public holiday in Hawke’s Bay, where it is a day off for the normal public and students as well as most businesses are closed. This year, it is celebrated on October 25. The people in the region of the former province rejoice Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day each year.

Labour Day – Mon, Sep 1, 2025

Labour Day in a New Zealand is the public holiday honored each year on the fourth Monday. It is memorialized by numerous countries on different dates. Labour Day celebrates when the eight hour working day as well as the 48 hour working week and it became the law in New Zealand in 1899.

Marlborough Anniversary Day – Sat, Nov 1, 2025

The Marlborough region of the New Zealand has its origin day that is known as “Marlborough Anniversary Day. Marlborough Anniversary Day is the public holiday in the New Zealand’s Marlborough region. This year, it takes place on November 1. It honors the establishment of the Marlborough province.

Canterbury Anniversary Day – Fri, Nov 14, 2025

Canterbury Anniversary Day is usually celebrated on every second Friday after the first Tuesday in the month of November. It is celebrated as a regional holiday in the Canterbury Region within the New Zealand. This year, it takes place on November 14. The Canterbury Region’s origin is commemorated on this day, and also activities are arranged all around the region. Besides, most of the celebrations occur in Christchurch.

Chatham Islands Anniversary Day – Sun, Nov 30, 2025

Chatham Islands Anniversary Day is widely celebrated each year on the Monday closest to November 30 and also take place on December 1 this year. It is a public holiday observed in the Chatham Islands Territory in New Zealand. There are around 10 islands in the Chatham Islands Territory.

Westland Anniversary Day – Mon, Dec 1, 2025

Greymouth and Hokitika widely celebrate Westland Anniversary Day in the month of December each year. The actual date varies from year to year and is basically determined by the Monday that is closest to the 1st of December. It is a public holiday observed in West Coast, where it is a day off for the normal public, and schools. In 2025, Anniversary Day will be Monday 1st December.

Christmas Day – Thursday Dec 2025

Christmas is the festival for honoring the birth of Jesus Christ that is observed primarily on 25th December as a religious as well as cultural celebration among numerous people all around the world. Many kids receive gifts from Santa Claus and also people exchange their Christmas cards.

Boxing Day – Fri, Dec 26, 2025

Boxing Day is celebrated in Great Britain and also some Commonwealth countries mainly in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on December 26. On this day, servants, trades people, and also the poor traditionally were offered with gifts. By the 21st century, this day is associated with shopping and sporting events.

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