Nelson Anniversary 2025

Nelson Anniversary Day 2025 is a public holiday that is hosted on the closest Monday to 1st Feb 2025. It’s Mon, Feb 3, 2025.

This day is celebrated on the occasion of the establishment of the Nelson settlement in the New Zealand Company on February 1st of 1842. In the year 2025, this day will be celebrated on 3rd February.


Are you aware of the fact that before the settlement of nelson city, the entire site of the city was occupied by indigenous Maori people? Yes, it’s true. The indigenous Maori people used to call this place Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui’ (The Prow of the Canoe of Maui). Amongst Maori Nelson was known as “Whakatu” in Maori which was a city on the eastern shore located in the Tasman bay. This city was well known amongst the people for its local arts and crafts scenes inclusive of beaches and bays and clean freshwater springs. The city of Nelson is announced as the 2nd oldest settled city in New Zealand.

Nelson Anniversary

  • Nelson Anniversary 2024 – Mon, Jan 29, 2024
  • Nelson Anniversary 2025 – Mon, Feb 3, 2025
  • Nelson Anniversary 2026 – Mon, Feb 2, 2026
  • Nelson Anniversary 2027 – Mon, Feb 1, 2027

Foundation of Nelson Anniversary Day:

Nelson history began in the 12th century while its first habitant, the Maori got settled in the place. The Maori occupied the region that was called Nelson Marlborough region popular as “Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui” after exploring the rocks made of clay and other developed area around.  

In the early 1600s, a particular section of the Maori tribe popular as ‘Ngāti Tūmatakōkiri’ finally introduced warfare opposite to other sections of the tribe proving it as the dominant tribe. But, this dominance prevailed only till the 1800s when the northern tribe popular as ‘Te Rauparaha’ attempted to destroy the local population to occupy the area.

At the beginning of 1770, Captain James Cook attempted to finish the voyage to New Zealand to explore the Nelson region. While taking the journey ahead, captain cook took the attempt to name the sea that was prevailing between the north and the south island named Cook Strait and the piece of land named queen charlotte sound and ship cove.

Nelson anniversary 2025

The latter land piece turned into the landing port for the remaining voyage to New Zealand in 1773 and 1777. Later in May 1840, the British signed an important treaty with the chief of Ngāi Tahu to claim the possession of the entire south island.

Once they got settled at Wellington, the New Zealand Company took an effort to occupy more land. In the latter half, they sanction three ships to investigate the upper section of the south island that was highly suitable for the settlement of Nelson.

Further New Zealand Company on arrival at the Kapiti coast, the representative of New Zealand Company tried hard to negotiate and purchased the land piece of Te Rauparaha.’ Finally, on 1st November 1841, the first habitant was shipped off to Nelson. Later on 17th September 1841, Fifeshire initiated to carry the first immigrant from Europe who sailed to London. Later on 1st February, they arrived at Nelson after losing a dozen of passengers. Finally, the arrival of European immigrants initiated the beginning of the annual celebration of Nelson Anniversary Day.

Anniversary days in New Zealand –

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Manawatu Anniversary DayMon, Feb 10, 2025
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Nelson Anniversary DayMon, Feb 03, 2024
Otago Anniversary DayMon, Mar 25, 2024
South Canterbury Anniversary DayMon, Sep 23, 2024
Southland Anniversary DayTue, April 02, 2024
Taranaki Anniversary DayMon, Mar 11, 2024
Tauranga Anniversary DayWed, Jan 29, 2025
Wellington Anniversary DayMon, Jan 20, 2025
Westland Anniversary DayMon, Dec 2, 2024
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